Birthday Party and Curious George!

Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

It was a beautiful morning today and we enjoyed seeing the sunshine again. Today was a special day for one of our friends who celebrated his 4th birthday today. Congratulations and lots of love from all of your friends in Flowers Class. When we first arrived in the classroom we saw the wooden blocks and figurines on the carpet this morning. We immediately started building and soon completed a big tower with a wide base. The teachers said it looked just like the Empire State Building in New York. Soon many of our friends joined in the building activity and then moved to the table. Pooja was helping us create our own special headband for our end of year party and we used lots of colored paper and cloth to make them. On the second table we made some further Christmas cards using gold and silver paint.

 We used a big roller to pick up the paint and then rolled it onto the raised tree deigns. We tried silver and gold paint first. Once the raised designs had lots of paint on them we placed a piece of white paper on the top and using a clean roller pressed down and rolled.  When we lifted the paper we saw the ‘printed’ picture. They looked beautiful and we then tried adding some silver glitter paint and red paint too. The cards are looking very nice and we are looking forward to making more next week. Also on the table several of our friends worked on their story pictures we started earlier this week. After packing away the toys it was soon time for our friend’s special Birthday Party. Our friend’s mom arrived and we all said “Good Morning” to her. We all sang the Happy Birthday Song together and then gave our friend his special golden crown and his birthday card. He was very excited to see all the beautiful heart messages we had made for him. We enjoyed dancing and moving to one of our favorites; ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We were then treated to one of our friend’s favorite books called ‘Curious George and the Puppies’. The book told the tale of George the monkey visiting an Animal Rescue Center and lots of dogs escaping from the cages. It was a great book and we all loved it, Thank You Shruti for reading it to us. At the table we were very surprised to see lots of cupcakes with our names and a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine on them. Wow, they were so yummy and looked so special too. It felt a little bit of a shame to eat them as they looked so beautiful. The park was nice and warm today and we were happy to see our friends from Buds Class there too. In circle time we looked at the book that our friend had donated to the class called ‘What do you do with a tail like this’ which has some great ways that animals are different from each other. Thank you for the wonderful book!

Have a great weekend,

Darren, Pauline, Pooja and all the Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School