Let’s mix the colors!

Good morning! We greeted our teachers with a warm smile and a big hug today. All of us were so ready for another adventure. We did our morning jobs and finished them slowly. On our activity tables, we were doing pegs and boards. Goh-san was there to help us create many wonderful things with these materials. It was nice to use our imagination and just be creative with our connecting blocks and pegs.

On the other table, we also had our Christmas card making. We got the pompoms again and dipped them on our tray with white paint and then we slowly put stamps on our blue cut-out paper. We spent a long time making them and most of our friends were asking for more paper. We also used our hands for stamping and we were very happy because we have done this before with our hand printing. For us, it’s all about the sensory learning opportunities that we could have in the classroom.

We also have our Curious George color book. One of our friends sat at the library for a long time and kept on looking at this book. It was very interesting because for each page there’s a color that we see and the drawings were all related to that color. For example, when the page is about red, you could see apple, ladybug and many more.

In our circle time, Sayaka led the class. We sang our good morning songs and learned about our names again. Most of us were helping the teachers to recognize each of us and we’re reliable in saying the names of our friends. Next, she asked us about the weather and we all thought that it’s sunny. However, one of us told our teachers that it was rainy. So, our teachers asked him to check what’s the weather like outside. He went to the window and finally decided that it was not rainy. It’s sunny! Hence, we all sang “It’s sunny today” song. Then, Sayaka took out another color book again and talked about the drawings from the book. She also mentioned that a lot of us were wearing something blue today. John immediately strummed his guitar and sang, “He is wearing a blue shirt, blue shirt, blue shirt all day long!” The fun part of our activity with Sayaka was mixing the colors. First, she used the white color and painted the paper. We noticed that we couldn’t see anything. Then, we used the red paint and it was like magic because it turned into pink. The same thing happened with blue and red. The color turned into purple, for yellow and red, it turned orange. Lastly, if yellow and blue mixed together, they turned into green. It was a fun activity, Sayaka. Thank you so much for preparing the materials and teaching us a lot about colors.

We also did our fire and earthquake drill today. We still need more time to practice and we’re gradually learning the routines that we need to do. We were so quick in doing the drill and our teachers were guiding us out of the building. It all went smoothly and we hope that we could practice again.

The weather was nice so we had a marvelous time playing with Flowers and Petals classes at the park. We did the “Bubble game” and the “racing game”. We could run very fast. Thank you so much Ohana for another fun learning experience at school.

Lots of love,

All the awesome children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School