Happy Halloween from yesterday

It was a huge beginning to the month of October with Shelley’s 60th birthday and the ending, was no different…..it was just as HUGE! Our Halloween party surpassed our expectations! We had almost all of our friends from Petals Class, with their mums and grandparents and it was fantastic. All of us were dressed up, even our mums. There was a minion, policeman, witches, princesses, Snow White, a unicorn, Wanda, Minnie Mouse, an “oni”, strawberry, cat burglar, vampire, rabbit, Flash, an owl, Superman, a lion, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, a skeleton, a nurse and our teachers were all 70’s princesses.

    When we arrived at school, we saw all our Ohana friends from all the classes dressed up and we knew that it was going to be a fun day. Our tables were laid for Halloween with Halloween napkins, cups and our table cloth was our very own handmade one made out of paper, stickers, silver spray paint and drawing. At the end of the party, our teachers cut it up into small pieces so that we could each have a piece pasted into our workbooks/portfolios, reminding us of our Halloween party in 2016.

   We started off singing our “Hello” song so that we could get to know some of the mums and people there and then Hisami sang our “Knock, knock, trick or treat, who are you” song. Each time, she turned over one of the characters that symbolize Halloween, and we tried to guess it really quickly. We all stood up afterwards and did a moving song, as we needed to move our bodies. The song was another of our favourites called “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones”. It is all about our skeletons inside our bodies which are the bones underneath our skin. We learnt that the bones are connected to one another and together with our brains, this is how our bodies move. The brain tells our legs to walk when we are going to the park and it tells our arms to hold a spoon so that we can eat at lunchtime. Our bodies are really fascinating. We danced to the “Dem bones” song and then we played a game. The game was “Throw the eye ball into the Jack-o-lantern”. We each held an orange ping pong ball eye ball and stood in two lines. When it was our turn, we tried to aim the eye ball for the opening in the Jack-o-lantern. Vincent, Charlie’s big brother taught us how to challenge oneself. He stood further back to try to shoot his ball into the hold and………he did it! Well done Vincent! When we were finished, we went to the back of the line and had another turn, if we wanted to.

    The next game was musical bumps. We each stood on a card that had a Halloween picture on it and when the music was on, we moved around all of the cards. However, when the music stopped we had to quickly stand on one of the cards. Phew! The pictures on the cards were of a haunted house, a ghost, a spider, a spider web, a witch, a Jack-o-lantern and more. At the end of this game, we sat down and played our last game which was “Pass the parcel”. It was such a huge parcel and we had to pass it on to our friends so that it could go around the circle. When the music stopped, if we had the parcel, we opened it, and there was a prize inside.

We then sat down and had an amazing feast of snacks. Some of us ate so much, we could hardly eat lunch. In fact, our teachers decided to move our lunch 45 minutes later and we still were too full. They did however notice that when they offered us sweet things, we suddenly had some space in our tummies…..shhhhhh!


Most of us didn’t have a nap today because we were so excited after the party and the days schedule was much alter than usual.

    We want to say a HUGE thank you to our mums and families for preparing the amazing snack for our Halloween party today. We loved everything and our teachers also had a chance to eat the delicious food that you made. Thanks mums, dads and family member! We also want to thank our teachers for the preparation and their hard work, in making today such a great party for us all. We know that they love us and they always want the best for us, in every way.

Happy trick or treating this evening!

All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School