Our First 'Show & Tell'

Today we were so happy to see the sun come out and knew we would get the chance to go to the park later in the morning. We also knew that later in the morning one of our friends would be doing our first ‘Show & Tell’ of this school year. He came into the class and put his special item in the secret bag so that none of his friends would get the chance to see it and it would be a surprise for later.  On the table Pooja helped us with the large phonics picture book and looking at the magazine pictures we found with our mommies and daddies we glued them onto the large colored paper. We also added some more decoration to the big ‘Thank You’ cards for Moko Sensei and Oya Sensei for the Sports day next week. We used lots of colored sparkly pens and colored pencils to make them look pretty. Also on the main table several of us again saw the x-ray skeletons and many of us chose to trace the hand bones or the skeleton sitting down using a computer. On the free art table we finished our Arcimboldo inspired face pictures and sports day medals for next week. The toy animals and fake grass was very popular on the carpet area and we were very interested in each other’s ‘Life Books’ and spent a long time looking through them and asking our friends who the people in the pictures were. After packing away the toys it was time for our first ‘Show & Tell’ of this school year. Our friend retrieved the secret ‘Show & Tell’ bag and brought it to show his friends. We sang the show & tell song together and then tried to guess what was in the bag. We thought of a book, a picture, a toy, photos etc but were surprised to see he had brought a beautiful postcard which he received for his 5th birthday. On the front of the postcard was a 3D moving picture from the movie ‘Finding Dory’. He then read to us the message his grandma had written on the back for him; “I will play with you the next time”. He told us all about how he liked the underwater sponge area of the picture and the beautiful stamp on the back of a little boy playing with blocks. His grandma lives in Nagasaki and she sent the picture postcard to him and the mailman delivered it. We had the chance to ask several questions and he answered them all really well. Thank you for your Show & Tell. We soon headed for the park and enjoyed the sunshine and playing with our friends from Petals class. After returning to the classroom we looked at our weekly sound / letter with our friends. Today we learnt the sound for the letter ‘P’. We practiced writing the letter and a few of us moved onto doing two vowel sounds ‘ou’ as in ‘ouch’, ‘cloud’ etc. We drew some nice pictures of things beginning with P such as pumpkin, parrot, popsicle and popcorn.

Love Always,

Flowers Class Children