Another Special Guest Flies in- Literally

   It was cool and cloudy today- no sight of Mr. Sun! But the rain didn’t fall until the afternoon, so we were able to enjoy a bit of playtime in the park in the morning.

  When we arrived in school, we remembered that Darren won’t be here for today because of his hospital appointment. We felt a bit sad, but our spirits were lifted when we saw Goh- san. It’s always a pleasure to have her in our class!

  We saw our drawings the previous day on the black paper turned into bags- yay! Pauline asked us to decorate it and- voila! We now have our monster trick-or-treat bags for Halloween! We can’t wait for you guys to see it on Monday. We are also hoping we can get lots of “treats” on that day, hihihi!

  On the other table, we made a special thank you card for the people in charge of the sweet potato farm we went to last Friday. We would like to tell them that we had such a fun time digging for potatoes (it’s like digging for treasures!), discovering creepy- crawlies (some of us were grossed out, hihi!), and using cardboard boxes to slide down the tiny hill (weeeee!). We hope we can come back soon!

  The art table had our watercolor paint, which is becoming our favorite. Some of our friends finished a special painting that we have started doing a few days ago. Why is it special? It’s a secret! You will find out in a few months, and we hope you’ll like it!

   For circle time, we had another special guest drop by to talk to us. It was Ms. Witch, just in time for Halloween. We all said hello to her, and she read a special book about here, “Room on the Broom”. It was a funny story, but it taught us about kindness; in the story, the witch offered to let the animals ride her broom, and in turn, the animals saved the witch from being a dragon’s meal. Sharing is caring, and so is helping, right? After that, we all got a turn to ride Ms. Witch’s cute purple broom, and we went to different place we like such as, Disneyland, Hawaii, and Australia.

   When Ms. Witch bid us goodbye, it was time for our Show- and -Tell. Taiyo brought his favorite book, “Goodnight Peppa”. It is about Peppa’s and George’s bedtime; her whole family reads them a bedtime story, but instead of falling asleep, they end up having a dance party. Taiyo also brought some pictures and he told us who Daddy Pig, George, Mommy Pig, Peppa, dinosaur, and teddy were. We thanked Taiyo after his Show- and- Tell, and told him we love Peppa Pig, too, and we love splashing in muddy puddles, same as her.

   To sum it up, it was a fun- filled Friday, one that surely beat the gloomy weather today. We hope things will look up on Monday- it’s our Halloween party, after all! Are you all excited? Because we are! See you then!


All the energy- filled kids from Flowers Class

Ohana International School