Good morning everyone! It’s a nice day and we all arrived at school with smiles on our faces. We all knew that it’s going to be a fun day again at school. Early morning, we started doing our Halloween bags today. We stuck some black and orange cut-out circles on our paper bags and then we colored our bags with dot and permanent markers.

We also continued doing our spider web and spider art with our other friends who haven’t done it yet for this week. Our calendar art is almost finished and we’re excited to see the finished art. Hopefully, we can get the calendars in no time. We then went to our play area and found some cars and kitchen toys. We’re so busy in the kitchen that we wanted to bake cookies for our friends and teachers. We loved to make sure that our cookies were hot enough for our friends to enjoy (imaginative play).

Next up, we also stayed in the library and out teachers read a lot of books about Halloween. We just loved to listen to them and express our thoughts about the books. We always said that the Halloween characters were all scary and sometimes funny.

For our circle time, we began talking about Halloween more. We sang some songs and Sayaka read a book with a title, “Midnight Library”. Our friends were listening intently while the lights were off. This was the first time that we read a book with lights off and it felt so different but interesting during our whole story time. Then, she also took her pumpkin and some cut-out shapes for our Jack-o-lantern. We were blindfolded and tried to stick the cut-out shapes on the pumpkin drawing without looking. After that, we noticed that our Jack-o-lantern looked very silly and we all giggled. John also started making the Jack-o-lantern for us. We were very excited to see what’s inside. Some us said that there might be candies, baby pumpkins and monsters. When we opened up the pumpkin, we saw….tada! “Pennies!” one of our friends replied. He said pennies because for him the pumpkin seeds looked like coins. We took all the pumpkin fibers and put them all away. The seeds were in the bowl and our teachers asked us to come and touch the seeds. The fibers were very slimy. It was a good sensory learning experience.

We went to the park and we got some balls to bring to the green area. It was so much fun to see our friends and teachers running around and enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze outside. We kicked, tossed and threw ball many time and ran as much as we could for a long time. Flowers class was at the park first and it was always nice to receive warm greetings from them. Petals class came after a few minutes and they also played with us for the rest of the time.

We went back to school and sat down in the library to listen to our next story. Sayaka read “1, 2, and 3 to the zoo”. We learned about numbers and animals and it was fantastic. Thank you so much Ohana for an awesome day. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School