Of Crabs and Brown Bears

Dear Flowers Class parents,

We had an exciting day with two Show and Tell sessions today!!! Hurray!! We love to see and guess what our friends bring from home for their Show and Tell. One of our friends hid his special surprise in the mystery bag and other children took turns to guess what was inside. Some said it was a toy car, a card, a favorite toy and even a flower. Finally, he showed his favorite book “Brown Bear” by Eric Carle. He read the book very confidently to his friends who then asked him a few questions. Why do you like this book? He replied “I like brown bear”. Where did you buy it? He said “I buy it in the shop”. Who buy it for you? “Mumma”. After that, he very kindly passed his favorite book for his friends to see. He mentioned that his favorite part in the book was the white dog. Next was another child’s turn for her Show and Tell. Children guessed she bought in shells or play car or Barbie doll or play truck or book or cards. But we were all in for a pleasant surprise when she revealed that it was a crab. She recounted that she got it from Shimoda. She said that she calls it ‘Gidgit’ and he lives in the water and eats seaweed only once in the night. She explained that crab has 2 pinchers and 8 legs. Then she very generously passed it around the class for her friends to see. She also showed her friends a few pictures of her holiday in Shimoda. Her friends then asked her various questions and she was more than happy to answer their queries. How did you catch it with a net? “My mummy caught it with tongs”. Why did mummy catch it for you? “because I like it”. Did you get it in the ocean or in the beach? “Ocean”. How old is it? “5 years old”. How many crabs do you have? “1”. Does Gidgit grow? “No he is baby”.      Thank you friends for your Show and Tell. It was very fun! When we came to school this morning, we were very excited to see our teachers put up Halloween decorations in the classroom. Yeahhh!! We can’t wait to dress up for the Halloween party next Monday. On one part of the big table, we continued to make up more bats and jack o lanterns to decorate our class. On the adjacent side, we made beautiful paintings of things we think our mum and dad likes. We are going to attach it to the calendar for the year 2017 and this is going to be our special gift to our parents. On the other table, we had the Montessori block puzzle. In the big carpet, the Kapla blocks were very popular today along with the toy animals. We used the blocks to make a tall tower and hid animals inside it as we build it. Some animals we hid inside were Goat, Elephant, Snake, Flamingo bird and more. Few of us used special construction tools to make different vehicles like airplane and tow truck. Then we packed away a little early today for our show and tell, after which we had our snacks and went to the park. Tuesday is our Phonics day and we made two groups to do our sound of the week. Some of our old friends did a new sound “ue” and the rest of us did “k”. We learnt the song of our ‘sound of the week’ and then wrote the letter in our books and drew a few things that begin with that sound.

Love Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School