Our Monday gym time is always fun!

          Good morning Monday! What a great day to start our week. We had so much fun over the weekend and we’re very excited to be in our class once again. We did our morning jobs slowly before we began our day. First, we saw the play dough on one table and we started pounding and rolling different shapes that we could think of. Next our teachers showed us how to cut them nicely using our plastic knives and some other utensils. We also had some extra calendar art activities and today, we made some dots. It was so much fun because we’re also singing a song while doing this art with our friends.

            On our carpet area, we had our toy cars again because our friends still wanted to play with them. The novelty is still there and we enjoyed moving our cars and trucks around the classroom. Our library was also busy because we had some books about the police officer. Spot’s book collection was quite popular in Buds class as well. We loved opening the flip-up pages one by one. It was time to clean up our toys. We listened to our teachers and put away our toys in the right places.

            It’s gym time again and Miyashita-sensei was there to help us out. We loved his energy and we couldn’t stop moving around with our warm-up exercises. It’s amazing how some of us could stretch their arms widely and copied our gym teacher. We then did some animal actions with him too. We had the bunny hop, frog leap, bear walk and crocodile crawl. The next challenging activity we had was jumping over the rope. He attached the rope with both ends on the chair. The rope was completely stretched from one end to the other. He called us up one by one to jump over the rope and we actually did it with two feet. For some younger friends, they still had to learn more of that as they also develop their gross motor skills. The last activity was running around the classroom. It was also a good practice for everyone to be able to move our legs and to develop our core muscles.

            We went to the park and saw our Petals friends. We surely enjoyed playing with them especially when we know that they can look after us the whole time. Running, jumping, swinging and playing with the sand were the activities we enjoyed for the rest of the time.

            When we arrived at our classroom, we did a short circle time with John. We talked about the weather and how we felt today. We told him that it’s a sunny day today and we’re all happy as always. He also said that Halloween is just around the corner and we’ll start learning a lot of things about Halloween. One of our friends said that she’ll get more candies for Halloween. Then, we sang our “Go away, big green monster” song. We’re all getting ready for our next event on Monday. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School