Underground Vegetables

This morning we were excited to see some small toy ocean animals on the carpet area with two fishing rods. We put the fish, scuba divers, jellyfish and seahorses into the tray and used the fishing rods to try and catch the creatures. It was more difficult than we thought but soon got the hang of using our hands to attach the fish and reel them in. We soon got the pirate’s hats, eye patches and telescopes out and told the teachers how pirates, mermaids, and mermen all eat fish and so we needed to catch them and collect them in the hats. We found several examples of the sea creatures and decided to lay them out on the carpet with all their friends just like in the aquarium. Also on the carpet we saw a new box of soft toys and found a dolphin and a pig toy to play with. On the main table we saw the watercolor painting sets and many of us came to the table to try it. We painted farms and vegetables under the ground too. Perhaps we were all thinking about our special potato digging excursion tomorrow morning. The Lego building boards were also very popular this morning and several of us sorted all the little Lego people together and stuck them on the board. After packing away the toys and singing our ‘Hello’ song we reviewed all the days of the week, the months, the seasons and the weather with Pooja. After eating our yummy snacks we got ready for the park and realized that there were no chairs at the tables today. We soon figured out that today we were going to do a fire and earthquake drill. We started with the earthquake drill and got under the tables quickly. We made sure our heads were all covered and stayed under until the ‘all clear’. After moving back to the carpet we reviewed what to do in the case of a fire and had the following ideas: 1. Shout Fire, Fire, Fire to make sure everyone else knew about the fire, Cover our mouths with one hand and move towards the doors, close any windows. Do not use the elevator as the you may not be able to get out. If the fire is on the stairs, then we should use the balcony as there is a special ladder there. Once we reached the ground floor we put on our special earthquake helmets. They made us look funny but were quite comfortable. We then had the chance to head to the park where we saw our friends from Buds and Petals Classes. It was great weather and we were so happy to see the sunshine and spend time outside. In circle time we all sat together and thought of our 5 senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Pooja then read a book to us all about the last of those senses, smell. The book gave lots of examples of things we can smell such as flowers, perfume and even one place visited recently, the bakery. We then looked at some photos all about tomorrows excursion, sweet potato digging. The pictures showed us some other vegetables that grow underground including carrots, radishes and even liquorice. We are looking forward to our trip tomorrow and know the weather will be wonderful.

All our Love,

Flowers Class children.             

Ohana International School