What did we love about Sports Day

We were so happy to wake up this morning to see a blue sky and lovely sunshine. This meant that we would have time to play in the park and be outside. In fact when we went to the park, we were surprised that none of our Ohana friends were there. We did see a huge puddle, which was left over from the big rains yesterday; and the only friend who could walk through the puddle was Charlie, because he had rain boots on. Some of us pulled our sleeves up and played with the mud, so you may see some mud on our clothes. We loved the feel of the water and the sand together which made it feel soft and smooth.

We welcomed our new friend Scarlett and her mom, Virginia this morning. In fact, Scarlett was the first to arrive in Petals Class, so she had time to sit quietly, look at the things that our teachers had prepared for the day and eagerly await our arrival. We think that she loved being in Petals Class and we were really kind and caring to her; especially Yurika. When we were in the park in the green area, Scarlett was standing by herself so Yurika went up to her, held her hand and showed her how to join in. That was a beautiful act of kindness Yurika chan!

 We sat together and had some lovely conversations at the play dough table. We used cups and other utensils and were creative with our thoughts and the shapes that we made. We also spoke about Sports Day together and shared the things that we remembered and what we loved. Shelley drew some pictures on the white board for us and asked us to work out what they reminded us of. She first drew the running tracks and Griffin said: “It reminds me of Sports day”. We discussued the different activities that we had both inside and outside and then we spoke about our favourite one. Sometimes it is hard to choose one thing, because so many things are fun. We will print out our comments and put them into our workbooks/portfolios.

Hisami and Shelley sat with us while Liezel played with us on the carpet. Hisami did handprints with us, on top of our coloured tissue paper art works that we did yesterday and Shelley helped our friends who were not at school yesterday, paste the coloured tissue paper shapes onto their backgrounds. We made handprints however our teachers noticed that they are not dark enough. The tissue paper is so bright and colourful; we may need to redo them, with a darker colour; maybe black or brown or dark blue. It was so ticklish for some of us when Hisami painted our hands. We tried not to move but it was quite a challenge.

Scarlett made her placemat for snack and lunch time and she also did her first drawing in Petals Class. She was able to use her new placemat for both snack and lunch because Liezel quickly laminated it. Thanks Liezel!

When we sat together on the mat, we sang “I’m looking to see who is patting their knees” as well as other actions, and we sang ‘good morning’ in many languages. After that we had our Sports Day discussion. We also sang our “Hello” song so that we could teach Scarlett the words and she knew straight away what to sing, when it was her turn. Before we had snack time, we searched our classroom for the yellow shoe from our Mickey Mouse puzzle, which went missing yesterday afternoon, just before we went home. Our teachers are wondering if it landed in one of school bags by mistake! We can’t seem to find it anywhere in our classroom. Boohoo!

We had so many friends eating afternoon snack today because of piano and karate. We have such big appetites which may be because we are growing.

Thanks for another fun day today.

All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School