Goldilocks visits Flowers Class

Welcome back. We hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather. It was a shame to see the rain today as we wanted to go to the park this morning. We knew however we would have our indoor gym class with Miyashita Sensei later in the morning and always enjoy that. On the carpet area were lots of wooden blocks this morning of all sizes, shapes and colors. We decided to start off by building towers individually and then started to work together to build really high towers. We enjoyed watching them fall down together and all laughed when they made a big crashing sound. On the table several of us made our special paper cup and string telephones. We started by decorating the cups with colored paint markers and then attached the string to the bottom of each cup. We then had fun talking with Pauline through the string and could hear her singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. After packing away the toys we had our yummy snack and then were surprised to hear a knock on the classroom door, when we said “Come in” we were so surprised to see Goldilocks. She was so happy to see us but she started off in a bad mood tipping over chairs and saying she didn’t like them. She then sat down and started rocking on the chair until she fell off. We told her that was not nice and she needs to sit nicely. She told us she had come into the school because she had smelled something yummy and that she had visited the bear’s house on the way here. She said she had tried the Daddy bears porridge but it was too hot, Mommy bear’s porridge was too cold but the baby bear’s porridge was just right. Goldilocks then told us how she had run away when the bears came home and feels sad now so today she would like to make some new porridge. Could we help after gym class? “Of course” we replied. Miyashita Sensei then arrived and we started our gym class together. Today we focused on our jumping skills and enjoyed all of the warm up exercises, jumping over our partners legs, making wheelbarrow poses with our friends and the ‘freeze’ game at the end. In circle time we peeled and cut up fruit together while our friends mixed the porridge oats with milk and put it in the microwave oven. We were going to add the fruit and other flavorings to the porridge at the end and see how they tasted. We saw some lemon juice in a dropper and Pooja dropped one drop on each of our tongues. It tasted ‘sour’ on our tongues! We then sniffed something in a bottle called ‘cinnamon’ and it smelled delicious. We added a little of this to the banana. We made the porridge all together and had some for dessert after eating our lunch today. It was yummy. Thank you Goldilocks for making the porridge with us!

All our love, Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School