On our way to the fire station!

We started a beautiful morning and our friends came with lots of energy.  As we did our morning jobs, we went to our carpet area and played with the animal toys from Noah’s ark. On our tables, we had our fire truck art that we needed to finish and some cutting practice. We definitely enjoyed dotting our fire truck because of the many colors that we could use today. Some of our friends were also singing and dancing while making dots around our fire truck. There were some cut-outs too that we needed to stick on. Our teachers showed how to do it first then we copied them as much as we could until we made a beautiful work. We’re so proud of what we’ve made and showed to our teachers. We all said, “Hooray! Our fire truck is almost finished!”

            At the carpet area, we had our musical instruments again. We got the accordion and some drums that we could play with and make a sound. We just played and played and our teachers sang and danced with us for the rest of the time. In the kitchen area, some of us got the ladle and pots and took them to the library. It was another creative process for all of us. We tried to use some books as trays and it was amazing how our minds worked and thought about these things all the time. Some of our friends were so busy again because they drove their cars around the classroom again. It’s always a novelty for us and it’s nice to make various sounds because it made our imagination more connected to the reality. We also got our fire hose and fire truck and it made our imaginative play experience a whole lot better.

            We also had some sensory table activities. We took off the cloth and saw some human figurines. We learned that there were doctors, fire fighters, police officers, repair man and a chef. We loved to stand them in line and imagined that they were also talking to one another.

            While painting on our fire truck, some of our friends got so creative that they used the dot markers on their fingers and started printing it on the cardboard. It was a good way to show how expressive we were in our art work. We tend to be more creative in that aspect. We showed our hands to our teachers and told them, “Look! I got a blue finger!”

            Music is always part of our day. So, John played the piano and we started singing, “Skidamarink”. It was so sweet that some of us really gave their love and warmth to one another. We hugged our friends and gave them a high five. Then, we all stood up and listened to the music. When the music was fast, we had to drive faster. We also pretended that we went in the tunnel and went back up.

            Chiaki also read a book about Spot. We were looking for him in different places of Spot’s house until we’re able to find him. It was really easy to do! Lastly, we all went to the fire station and saw the fire truck, fire fighters and the ladder truck. We got so excited and of course, when we went back inside our room, we still made the “ba-boo, ba-boo” sound. It was so much fun and entertainment that we had today. Although it was a long walk, we still had a great time.

            Thank you so much for the wonderful day again. Hope you guys are going to have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017 

Ohana International School