Colours of Autumn/Fall

It was a great end to our short week today with lots to do, lots to talk about and to start preparing our “Tree of Kindness”. We decided that since it is almost Fall/Autumn, when the leaves change colour and fall off the trees, we would make “Leaves of Kindness” for our “Tree of Kindness”. We used red, yellow, green, orange and brown and painted a piece of paper these colours. We tried to cover the entire page and when the paintings are dry, we will cut out leaf shapes; which will then become our “Leaves of Kindness”. Meg’s mum, Sunny, already sent Shelley four things that Meg had done recently, that were really kind. So she will have four leaves on the tree with the stories of her kindness on the back of the leaves.

We would like our families to send some things that we have done and some of our family members have done that reflect their kindness over the past few weeks. We will add them to our “Tree of Kindness” and put them on leaves too.

It was quite funny when we were painting. Hisami sat with us and she asked us to paint on the white parts of the paper so that we didn’t mix the paints. Sometimes when we paint we mix the paints but for this activity, our teachers wanted us to put paint all over the paper without shmoodging the paint. Hisami said to all of us: “Paint over here” and she would put her finger on our piece of paper. Without fail, each one of us painted the finger that she put on the paper, when she said: “Paint here!”

Our paper plate activity is still a work in progress. Each of us has two paper plates; one that has paint on it and one that has nothing on it. Our teachers are going to make the shape of our favourite animals on them which we spoke about over the past few weeks. When we have completed them, we will take some photos so that you can understand what we are talking about. Shelley saw this activity on the computer and it has a chameleon shape on the paper plate.

When we arrived at school we also did puzzles at the table.  We played with cars on a special track that Hisami drew for us. It was made of paper and soon it became a little broken so we took the tape off the floor. We had fun while it was whole! We sat on the floor together and did another M&M’s experiment. This time we arranged them in patterns and you can see when the colours emerged in the water, how really beautiful the pattern became. We even put a few in the middle of the plate and this too created a unique pattern.

  When we did this experiment last time, we specifically asked our teachers whether we could eat the remaining M&M’s but this time we didn’t. Our teachers think that maybe we didn’t like them when all the food colouring was missing!

We looked for our names on the floor and listened carefully to see if we knew when we heard the initial sound of our name; then it was our turn e. g. d – Dev or R – Rupert.

We had a great time in the park and today was an especially lovely day outside. It was not cold and it was not hot. We shared sand toys with children from another school and we very kindly helped pack their toys in their park bag, when they were leaving. Our teachers were most impressed with us especially since they didn’t even have to ask us to help. Another fabulous week in Petals Class…….see you on Monday and have a great weekend!

All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School