The Ohana Secret Agents and Our Super- Secret Mission

  We didn’t tell you this earlier, but we had a super- secret mission today. But, more on that later!

  When we arrived at school, some of our friends continued the painting we did yesterday with the paper plates, mixing colors that we liked. Some of our friends helped Hisami to make a necklace out of paper chains of different colors. We used markers and pencils to color tiny hearts that we stuck on the necklace. Oh, and yes, this was part of our secret mission.

  The second part of our secret mission was- apples! We gathered around Hisami as we had a discussion about apples. She sliced them thinly, and we examined the seeds, and what the apple looks like from the inside. We helped her artfully place the apples on our special silver tray.

  Some of us were at the carpet, and we gathered around our CD player together with Liezel. She played some of our favorite songs, which we listened to and sang along. Liezel was like our radio disc jockey!  Heehee!

  Then, our teachers told us we should be ready anytime to carry out our super- secret mission. Have you guessed what it is? Okay, we’ll give you a clue: The necklace had “Happy Birthday” on it, and then we stuck some birthday candles in the middle of the tray with slices of apples. Hmm… have you all figured it out?

  Okay, moment of truth: Later on in the morning, our friends from Buds and Flowers class came in our classroom together with their teachers. We turned off the lights, and waited in hushed silence. Then, two important people came in, and it was finally time to carry out our super- secret mission……………….

  “SURPRISE!” we all yelled out. We turned on the lights. It was Shelley and Jen, and it was time for their surprise birthday party! So we sang “Happy Birthday” as John played his guitar. Our VIP guests sat on the special chairs we prepared. Darren asked us if we can sing “If We’re Happy and You Know It”, which we did with gusto, because it was a “Happy Birthday” party, after all!

  Some of our friends presented our guests with gold crowns, as they were our special “Birthday Queens” for the day. Each class presented them with special cards that they made. For Petals class, we gave Shelley her special necklace, and we gave to Jen a special card we made for her a few days ago. They were both very happy with all the cards they got, and they even shared to us the beautiful pictures and drawings inside it. Then, lights were turned off, and someone took out the special apples we prepared. Instead of a birthday cake, we had special birthday apples! Then we sang “Happy Birthday” again, and our lovely queens asked for our help, and together, we blew out the candles. We clapped and cheered for them. We can therefore conclude that our super- secret mission was a huge success! Our VIP guests happily shared their apples around, and we were more than happy to have a slice or two. Yummy, yummy, crunch, crunch!

  Whew! What a day it has been for us, the Ohana Secret Agents. Until our next secret mission- see you!


Ohana International School