Our Sense of Sound

Today we were looking at another of our senses; hearing. We were very excited when we came into the classroom this morning when we saw the box of musical instruments on the table in the carpet area. In the box we saw some castanets, some recorders, whistles, harmonica, and maracas as well as some ribbon sticks for dance. We really enjoyed playing the instruments and tried out all of them before Pooja helped us play a rhythm together. We then made a wonderful game where when we heard a particular sound we had to walk and play, turn, pretend to fly, sleep, wake up and freeze. It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed making lots of nice tunes. We also spotted some cups tied with string on the table and Pauline showed us how if we moved far apart from each other and the string between the cups was tight we could hear our friends and teachers when we spoke. On the carpet we saw the big floor skeleton puzzle and soon put it all together. We also played some funny games with it by joining pieces together which don’t usually fit e.g. we joined the leg directly to the skull with a hand on the other end. On the table we continued with our sensory artwork with Pauline. We used the junk art materials and to make our own pictures and described the materials with words like soft, hard, rough and smooth. After packing away the toys we reviewed the days of the week, the months, the seasons and the weather on the class calendar. After having our yummy snacks we looked at a book called ‘The heart of the Tiger’ which was about a world where there were no trees and a wooden tiger who gave up seeds in his heart to grow a new forest. We headed for the park and knew it would be nice to be in the sunshine with our friends from Petals and Buds classes. We enjoyed playing on the slide, the climbing frame and the swings today and managed to find a beautiful caterpillar. In circle time Pauline introduced us to one of the 5 senses books called ‘Hearing’. In the book it gave many examples of sounds we often hear such as; Bells ringing, children singing, birds tweeting, trains whistling, telephone conversations, dogs barking, waves crashing etc. We saw a special picture in the back of the inside of our ears and how there is something like a drum and lots of very small hairs. We then did a small test to feel the ‘vibrations’ by holding one side of a drum while Pauline banged on the other side. We were surprised we could feel the drum moving in our fingers. We then tried the same thing with the ukulele, and were amazed to see the strings moving back and forwards very very fast. We saw the cups and string from the morning and hope to make our own special ‘telephone’ on Friday with Pauline.


Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School