Pizza chefs

Today was another beautiful day of Summer School at Ohana. We welcomed Maddie and Ashling to our class and we had so much fun with them both inside the classroom and outside in the park. We taught them so many things and they in turn, taught us things. Maddie is a really good “sharer” so she would always ask for something or share something if we asked her. Ashling is a wonderful helper and she carried so many things for us in the park and placed them inside our park bags. We loved playing with them and learning together and look forward to seeing them both again on Thursday for another super duper “Kids in the Kitchen” day. We started off our day with free play on the floor and while some of us were playing with toys, Ashling, Renshi and Maddie worked at the activity table, making the band for their chefs hats. They squeezed the glitter glue and stuck stars and other beautiful sparkles on to it. When they come back to school on Thursday their hats will be all ready for them to wear.

When they had completed their art activity, we all went and sat on the mat and did a morning circle. We sang lots of songs together and we completed our “Today is…….” chart and everyone had a turn to put something up on it. We started off singing “Everybody tapping” and “When you’re happy and you know it”. We then raised our hands and counted seven fingers and sang “There are seven days in a week” and of course we sang the song that varies in pitch and helps us guess what day of the week it is. We guessed that today is Tuesday and Renshi was smiling! We also sang “Tuesday starts with “t”. We sang our favourite song, “Open them shut them” and then went to wash our hands and get ready for snack time and then…………….cooking!

We were so excited to cook this morning as PIZZA was on the menu for today. We had pizza bases, tomato sauce and cheese as our ingredients. First Shelley showed us the bases which we knew were round like a circle. Shelley said that she was going to make them into two shapes called semi-circles. She folded the large circle in half and there were two semi-circles. We each had a semi circle to work with and we placed it onto a piece of silver foil which went into the oven when we baked them. Our first job was to spread sauce onto the bases with a knife. Then we sprinkled cheese on top of the sauce. Not all of us wanted cheese so we just had sauce on our pizza. We learnt that cheese comes from a cow and that the cream that is on top of the milk, can be made into butter. The cheese that we used today was cut into small pieces and is called “grated cheese”. Sometimes we use a grater at home to grate carrots and cheese too.

When our pizzas were all prepared, we placed them inside the oven and we watched and saw that the cheese melts and the small pieces all become one. We were so excited to eat them, however our teachers thought that it would be good to go to the park and then eat them at lunch time.

After making our pizzas, we went into the library; read books and listened to the story called “Knuffle Bunny”. It was such a cute story about a little girl who lost her favourite soft toy…..and then she found it! Phew! We know what it feels like to lose something precious like our favourite soft toy or cuddly. Then we went and changed into our outdoor shoes and walked to the park.

We had so much fun on the slides as you can see from the photos. All of us were sliding together and helping one another get up at the bottom. We did this over and over; up the stairs and down the slide; up the stairs and down the slide and we also spent some time on the bouncy see saw piece of equipment. We chased balls; knocked down bowling pins; sat on the swings and had a ball!

Thanks for a great day everyone and see you tomorrow

Love Shelley and Darren