Our Phalanges

We had a small class downstairs and a few friends missing upstairs as now there is a bug growing around that can make us really sick. Ughhhhh! We are thinking of all of our friends who are not well and trust that the weekend will see you become stronger and have a little more rest before the new week begins on Monday.

Downstairs we did a few interesting activities. We looked at the leaves that we had collected in the park the other day and noticed that some were big and some were small; some were green; some were brown; some were yellow and we saw on one of them there was yellow, brown and some small green marks. We looked at the back of the leaves and there were many lines and patterns. When we looked through the magnifying glass they looked really big. On the table we also had wax crayons and white paper. Shelley demonstrated and put a leaf on the newspaper. Then she covered it with a piece of paper and rubbed the wax crayon on it. It was like magic. The pattern on the leaf was now also on the paper. We selected some leaves and did the same on a piece of white paper. We used many different colours and the name of this activity is called “leaf rubbing”.

 The second activity that we did which we didn’t take photos of was with colours and water. We filled four bowls with water and Clodia told us that the colour of the water was white. Then we each had a turn to mix a colour into the water; Vincent made it blue; Clodia made it green; Tokutaro made it yellow and Olivia made it red. Then our teachers put two colours into one small bowl and we mixed again; Clodia made orange; Tokutaro made green and Olivia made purple. Then they poured all of the colours and they mixed together and made dark green and brown. We will do this activity again next week when our friends return to school after the weekend. We played with musical instruments and danced to the music. We have started singing with the Kundalini for children CD. It is a beautiful CD with soothing music that sings “The Sun Shines on Everyone”.

Upstairs we put the recycled paper onto the table this morning which we blended and soaked in water a few weeks ago. We had four colours viz. green, blue, pink and grey. We started by crumbling the paper into small pieces. We enjoyed the feeling on our hands. Then we mixed it with some white PVA glue and put it inside some plastic wrap so we can use it to make animals next week. If we leave it out in the air it will get hard and dry and we will not be able to mould it into different shapes. Shoko said that she wanted to make flamingos from the pink and Oliver said that he would like to make elephants from the grey.

 During circle time, we divided the whole class into two teams to do a role play experience. In the centre of the circle we put a toy of our choice. Our teachers said three, two, one, go! We had to try and get the toy as fast as we could. The team that didn’t get the toy had to ask the other team if they could share with them and play with the toy; if they had finished playing with the toy; if they were still playing with the toy, could they have it after them; can they have the toy immediately. We played this game as it is important for us to think about how we play with our friends; how we share and what we can change in our own behaviour to make things better for us in our social interactions with others.

The story that we read today was called “The Lion and the Mouse”. It taught us that no matter how small you are, if you have strength and kindness in your heart, you can help others in need. The lion was trapped and the mouse that is much smaller than the lion, helped free him from the net that he was trapped in.

We sang “Over in the barnyard” and in our KIDFIT class today we continued learning about our skeleton add the bones that we have in our bodies. The one big word that we have learnt over the past few weeks is “phalanges”. These are the bones that make up the fingers in our hand.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh, Liezel and Christine.