Dem bones dem bones

It was such a beautiful day today after the cold and miserable rainy day yesterday. We can still feel that the air is cooler and when we go to the park, the shadows are completely different. The shade comes in over a large part of the park and it makes it quite cool. We do not feel the cold like our teachers and other adults in our life do, so we just go and play and have fun there. Today we spent time together on the roller slide sitting together and pretending that we were a train. We had turns to be the leader and then our friends held one another around the tummy and off we went. Wheeee! Climbing up the stairs can be a challenge for our friends who are smaller nevertheless they keep on climbing. Some of us have discovered a different way to get to the top. We climb up the side of the large cement slide which is almost like a very high mountain for some of us and we also climb up the side of the actual roller slide. We worked out these routes all by ourselves and enjoy the challenge of them.

 When we are in the park and there are no other children we like to use the wheeled toys and let them travel with us down the slide. Our teachers have this discussed with us when there are lots of children playing the sand box and we understand that in this situation it could be dangerous. When we were in the park earlier in the day, we bumped into Nicholas and Walker and their dad. We played with them for a little while and then returned to our classroom as we had a very interesting activity to do. We put a whole lot of shredded paper into a large container. We shredded the paper ourselves using the shredding machine. It has a handle and you slide paper into it and it shreds it or tears it. We put warm water into the container as well. Next week we will drain the water off and mix the remaining mixture with glue. We will use it to make 3D farm animals. It will be almost like play dough but not as pliable. Today we read “Oliver’s vegetables” again and when we came to a part in the book where they spoke about a certain food, our teachers asked us if we knew why that particular food was good for us. Jenny said that carrots are good for your head; Oliver said they are good for your chest; Nico said they are good for your legs; Emily said they are good for your lungs; Sophie said they are good for your whole body; FJ said they are good for your hands and Beckett said they are good for your mouth. In the book it also talks about slugs and snails and this time our teachers didn’t ask us what parts of our body they are food for. We don’t eat slugs and snails, other animals do. We said that rabbits, butterflies and dogs eat slugs and snails. Both of our classes have started a new theme for KIDFIT. The new theme is about the Skeleton. We learnt about our bones today and we also played with some new equipment. We had scoops made out of large plastic bottles; bean bags and stretchy red rubber. We had to balance the beanbags on our heads, shoulders and elbows. We had to scoop the beanbags into the scoops and we used the stretchy red rubber to move different parts of our bodies. Whenever we start our KIDFIT classes Jet asks us what his job is and we tell him: “To keep us safe”. Then he asks us: “What is your teacher’s job?” and we reply: “To help us with the e   equipment” and the then he asks us: “What is your job?” and we reply: “To look and listen”. We love our KIDFIT classes and go to them enthusiastically each week. Downstairs we started off our day with trays of beads on the table. We love touching everything so our teachers let us feel them and play with them in the trays. Later in the morning we came and sat at the table and threaded them onto spaghetti string. We eventually made them into necklaces. We used a selection of hammer beads; shiny beads; plastic glassy beads and buttons.

Nanako read a book about a dog called SPOT to us and we sat and played together with our friends on the mat. We used some of the wooden toys to make interesting sounds. Have a great weekend everyone and we hope Margo is better now. Come back soon Margo, we miss you!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh, Liezl and Christine