The weather is changing

We had a busy morning downstairs as we are continuing our theme that includes the five senses. Yesterday we placed rubber bands on long toilet rolls and today we decorated the long rolls. We will use them as telescopes and learnt that you use your eyes to look through a telescope. Sometimes people use them to see things that are really far away. Our telescopes are not real but we can still have fun looking through them. We pasted some small and larger squares on ours today and our teachers will cover them with contact so that the paper doesn’t tear. We sang “What are our eyes for?” and our teachers sang ‘I’m looking to see who is reading their books’ when we were having library time. Eyes help us see everything and our brains help us understand what we see. We spoke about the different parts of our bodies that we use for listening, seeing, licking, touching, stamping, smelling, breathing and moving. Our muscles are very important because without them, we would not be able to see, touch, smell etc. All of the different parts of our bodies can only work properly if our brain works properly. If we want to move our arm, our brain sends a message to the muscles in our arm to make it move; if we want to walk, our brain sends a message to our feet to moveetc.

We held hands in a circle and sang our song that includes many different actions e.g. jumping, blinking, shrugging our shoulders etc. we always try to use as many parts of our bodies as possible when we sing this song. We also continue to sing our song where we sing good morning in many different languages. Today we did Chinese, Japanese, English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and German. We are all singing the words to our other “Hello” song and even if we are not sure of all of the words, we are really good at keeping the tune.

 We completed our heart wishes for Ava’s birthday which is just after our sweet Potato digging excursion next week. We used both regular markers and sparkly pens. We love seeing the sparkles when we draw with them. Vincent has learned to take the tops of the markers off all by himself, and he can put them back as well. He is really good at packing away and does so without his teachers asking him. We took puzzles to the table and did them independently and took them back to the puzzle shelf when they were completed. We also had a fun time in the park and watered our flowers even though the weatherman said that it was going to rain later today. While we are resting now, it seems to be getting darker so maybe the rains are coming earlier than expected.

Oliver made a wonderful junk art sheep today using an old CD, a few pieces of wood and a cork for the head. Beckett made a cow using a square pet bottle and the legs were made from wood. They were both really proud of their animal creations.

We sang “Old Macdonald had a farm” as we paged through the book of the same name. During our circle time, we sorted the animals into two piles; those that live on a farm and those that live in the jungle. We only had two that lived on a farm viz. a dog and a pig. We then sorted them into three categories based on what we thought they ate. The different food categories were meat, fruit and vegetables and meat, fruit and vegetables. We thought that a lion and a tiger eat meat; a giraffe, hippo, rhino, elephant and camel eat fruit and vegetables and the last group, the one that eats everything was a bear and people. This was quite a tricky exercise especially when we saw that people eat everything!

 Outside we are having so much fun with the wagons. We have started to push our friends around in them and laugh when we are doing this, as you can see from the photo. Some of our little friends need to use almost all of their energy to push their friends especially when they are in the part of the park, where there is more sand.

Love always

Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Goh, Liezl, Sabine and Christine