Sports Day

Sports Day was a great success and we were so happy to have almost all of our families with us participating and having fun. We arrived at school at our regular time and after free play and snack time, we walked with our teachers and classmates to the park……………….and………………..there were all of our mums and dads waiting for us. The sun was shining, the temperature was cool and the atmosphere was electric! It felt just like the real Olympic Games.

Our teachers had arranged a selection of events for us to compete in and we were all winners. In every event we did our best and came out on top. We started off with a running race. We all stood behind a pink line and ahead of us was a pink ribbon; that was our destination. Shelley demonstrated what we had to do and before we knew it, Darren was counting down; “ready, set, go”. After two inaugural running races we then continued in two groups. The first group event was the “egg and spoon race”. We had to hold a spoon and balance a plastic egg in it. If the egg fell off then we would just pick it up and continue running. We handed the spoon and the egg to the next person in our group and they did the same thing until we were all sitting down. Some of us ran really slowly so that we wouldn’t drop it. The second event was the “slalom race”. We did this together with one of our teachers and had to weave in and out of the yellow cones and then high five a child waiting in our group. Once again we completed the event when we were all sitting down. The next race was a little tricky as we had to pass a ball over our heads until it arrived at the end of the row and then we passed it between our legs until it arrived at the end of the row. We did this one a few times until we had mastered it really well. We think that passing it over our heads was a little more difficult than passing it between our legs. Our parents helped us with this event and cheered us all the way. The “origami” race was a funny race as we had to run with our hands behind our backs; when we got to the ribbon, we had to choose a piece of origami paper, and try to take it off, with our mouths. Then we ran back to our groups, with the origami

still in our mouths. We looked little puppies with something in our mouth as we ran back. Our mums and dads had been watching us do all these events and we thought that it would be good for them to do something active as well. Luckily our teachers had organised a “parent’s race”. They had to run from one end of the park to the other. Darren said “ready, set, go” and they were off. They didn’t really run their fastest. We ran our fastest but they ran gently and slowly. Maybe it was because we were at the finish line and they didn’t want to crash into us. We cheered for them too and they were all winners.

 We did a medal presentation and our teachers put our beautiful medals around our necks. We felt so proud. Then we had the opportunity to play with the parachute and the balls and balloons, bouncing them on the actual parachute. We also had a soccer net that we could kick a ball into. It was just like a real goal on a soccer field and if we aimed well, we could get it into the goal quite easily.

We spent time running around in the park and were so happy to be able to enjoy doing things with our parents. It was great to include them in our play and we think that they enjoyed being with us on this gorgeous, sunny, family day. We also enjoyed having lunch together on our picnic mats and look forward to our “Sweet Potato” excursion when we will be together once again.

We want to thank everyone for coming today to support our school and all the wonderful things that we do there. We were so lucky because Christophe, Sabine’s husband took some wonderful photos of us.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh and Christine.