Keeping fit and healthy on Friday

Fabulous fitness Friday! That’s the name we called today. It was also the last day of September for us at school. Monday will be October and in fact, Sunday is Jennifer’s birthday and we hope she has a lovely celebration with her family. We look forward to celebrating with her on Monday. We were so busy doing so many things and as always enjoy our exercise class with Jet. All the children upstairs worked on their Sports Day medals using the paper clay and cutters. Sophie made a star and Margo made a circular medal. All of us painted our medals silver, gold, silver with glitter or gold with glitter. They are looking really shiny and sparkly just like the medals that people received when it was the Olympics.

We still have to attach our ribbons and will complete them next week. Downstairs we worked for a short while on our medals, adding a few words to them and they are now “ready for action” as they say. We are looking forward to our Sports Day and are so happy that so many of our parents will be there to participate with us……..and show us their skills in the parents race!

 Both classes went to the park early as the weatherman said that there is a typhoon coming and there will be big rains. No rain came while we were at school today and we hope that it won’t come later. Upstairs we sang the “Monkey Song” and “Fruit Salad” and Oliver’s favourite “You are my sunshine”. We worked on our remote controls and added further buttons to them and an antenna. Oliver and Sophie tried to use their remote controls on their friends and gave instructions like “stand up, sit down, go to sleep, wake up, hop on one leg and eat your favourite ice cream”. We were all laughing as it is funny to do these things when someone is pushing a button. We push the button for our TV at home and other machines but we didn’t think that it would work so well with a person! We added some more photos to our map and enjoy seeing that we come from so many different countries around the world.

In our KIDFIT class today we learnt two new words; inhale and exhale. Inhale means to breathe in and this is when your lungs get bigger; and exhale means to breathe out and this is when your lungs go back to their normal size.

Downstairs we did a surprise activity for Shelley as it is her birthday next week. We sat with Sabine and Nanako for this activity and used markers, paper and scissors for it. She doesn’t really know what we are making and we cannot say anymore as then we will be giving the surprise away. We have completed our pictures of our faces with feeling faces pasted onto the page. Please look at them up on the wall near the door to our classroom and also we would love you to come inside the classroom and see our faces on display.

We sang our “Hello” song; “Open them, shut them” and “What are my eyes for?” We know what so many parts of our body are for and know almost all of the words of the song. One of the final things that we had planned for this month regarding the theme ‘Who am I?’ was making faces on cookies. Shelley said that it has been such a busy time and we had so many treats yesterday, that she would not do this activity today. During the day, she felt bad because it was written on her schedule for this month. She took a whole lot of things from the refrigerator and went quickly to the conbini to buy some round cookies. These cookies were going to be our faces. We had M&M’s for the eyes, Pocky for the ears and mouth, snickers for the nose and shredded Halva for the hair. We had fun making them and of course we wanted to pop the candy into our mouths. We held back even though our teachers didn’t tell us to. We read the book “Dinosaurs, dinosaurs” in class today. We learnt another new word after we had read the book. The word was “extinct”. It means that there are no longer dinosaurs on the earth. They are all gone. We are paying a lot of attention to our caterpillar. It has been growing so much and Eva and Clodia observed it walking on the leaves. Eva said that it was looking for its family; “It’s looking for its mum”. We gave it some fresh leaves so that it will have enough food over the weekend.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh and Christine.