Inky the mouse is my pet

Thursday 21st June 2012. When we arrived this morning we saw there were some puzzles on the table with numbers on them. One of the puzzles made a long train if we put them in the right order which was a little hard so we luckily had a large puzzle with all the numbers laid out for us to help. We soon got the hang of it and had soon completed the whole puzzle. Noa and Clodia wanted to make some things with the purple play-dough which is getting a little sticky and stuck to their fingers. They made blueberry pancakes and pizza for the teachers and looked so happy having rolled it out on the table and added toppings…yummy!! On the carpet the large kapla wooden blocks were very popular and we made a see saw and a tower and a large track. We took out the large box of vehicles too with the floor mat and played with the cars, trucks and motorbikes on the roads which showed the journey to Kamakura and the Tokyo tower. After snack time we played a game where we had to guess the ‘Mystery Singer’s’ voice. The teachers hid in the library and we had to guess who was singing the song. We soon guessed that it was Rachel was singing in a beautiful voice ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star’ and  then it was Miyuki’s turn which we soon guessed too. We then enjoyed listening to two books titled ‘Little Quack’ read to us by Rachel and ‘Incy Inchy Spider’ read to us by Miyuki. We really wanted to get moving so we did some moving, stretching and dancing activities next. The teachers put some music on and we stretched upwards like a tree, then balanced on one leg like a tree for a few seconds. This was fun but a little hard to balance for very long. One of our favorite songs was on the cd player next ‘Shaky, Shaky’ by the Wiggles and ‘The Monkey Song’. Today in circle time we then looked at a new sound / letter, ‘I’ which Darren told us has two sounds, like ‘I’ in the word “ice cream” and ‘I’ like in the word “ink”. We sang along to the new song with the teachers which went like this: Inky the mouse is my pet, She spilt the ink and got wet, The ink it spread all over the desk, I, I, I, Inky’s wet.We did the actions to go along with the song too which we saw in the book. We pretended we were a mouse and we had little whiskers. Rachel then showed us some pictures of things that start with the letter ‘I’ such as ice, ice tray, ice cream, island, ivy and igloo. Some of these were new words for us and we did a good job repeating them. We tried drawing a big ‘I’ in the air with our fingers and then tried it on the paper on the table. We colored in the letter ‘I’ and then drew some beautiful pictures of things that start with it around the outside. We also got out the large Styrofoam letters from the last few days ‘I, i, T, t, S, s, A, a’ and used the paint markers to decorate them. They look beautiful hanging from the ceiling. The weather was looking a little rainy today and so we didn’t get a chance to go to the park unfortunately but we hope it will be better tomorrow. Lots of love from Darren, Kana, Rachel and Miyuki.