Will it float or sink?

Monday 11th June 2012 It was a great morning for all of us together on the 3rd floor today. We arrived to see our friends from the second floor, the third floor and from the after school classes all together. The classroom looked different for us too with lots of space on and around the carpet area for us to play on.The teachers have obviously been busy and moved things around ! We found lots of cars and a big mat on the floor with roads on it and so we had a great area on which to drive and push the cars.On the table we saw there were lots of pots of paint, brushes and white paper and we of course really wanted to spend some time painting pictures for our friends, mommies and daddies. We put on the art smocks all by ourselves and immediately got to work. It was a little difficult remembering which pot to put the brush back in so that we didn’t mix all the colours together but we soon got the hang of it.Also on the table we had the chance to play with some new play-dough which we liked because it was pink and blue but soon realized that it was far too sticky. It got stuck to the table, the plastic knives, the cookie cutters and most importantly our hands. We soon realized that we needed to wash our hands and try the older purple play-dough so that Darren could take the pink and blue to be cooked a little more. We hope this works. After we tidied away the toys it was time for our snack and we soon found that we couldn’t all fit on the one table and had to add a whole extra table to sit and eat. This was fun as we were able to sit and talk to so many of our friends! We then went into the library and were able to choose from the new books on display. We then had a great book called ‘Time to get out’ about an explorer who traveled across the sea to a beautiful island where he found many animals making strange noises which he befriended. They soon had to escape from the island because the biggest noise was coming from a volcano. The boat they were in was caught by a big wave and then it was time to get out of the bath. The story was a little boy imagining an adventure while in the bath tub. We then noticed a big container of water on the table waiting for us. There were also lots of objects such as wooden blocks, plastic eggs, marbles and a variety of toys on the table. It was time to experiment…… Would the objects float like the boat in the story or sink? We were very patient and each had a turn to choose an object and decide if we thought it would sink or float before counting down 3,2,1 and dropping them into the water. We could even see some of the objects lying on the bottom of the tank afterwards.We sang some of our favorite songs with the teachers such as ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’ and ‘Where is Thumbkin’ as well as help Darren with his magic trick by finding his nose after he sneezed too hard and it fell off. We also made big and small circles while holding our friends hands and even tried standing on one leg and crouching down together. We were lucky the park was dry and we loved using the slide, the sand toys and the balls together. It was a great day with lots of fun with our friends and teachers. Love always Darren, Kana, Goh, Miyuki, and Rachel