Making gifts for our families

It was another lovely warm day in Tokyo and we had a great time in the park. We spent time playing on the parallel bars and in the end, Noah, Noa, Nico and Ayaka were all sitting on one of the four posts supporting the silver bars. Noah and Nico needed a little bit of encouragement to get all the way up and even a little nudge and helping hand from Shelley. These bars are really good for our upper body strength and even our little friends like to hang from them. We varied our play throughout the park today and we were lucky to have had hats to protect our faces. Upstairs we have new chalk markers from drawing on the chalk board with. We usually use actual chalk that can get smudged while we are writing. These chalk markers are completely different. It feels like we are writing with markers on a chalk board which is a little strange as we were always told not to write with markers on it. We also did some more water colour painting which we really enjoy doing. We like seeing the colours merge into one another and then become another colour.

In the library we read a book called “You are too small”. It is about a pig that is too small to help with certain tasks however there are plenty of other things that she can do. In our circle time we heard the question: “who can write their name?” and “Who can trace their name?” and “Who can colour their name?” We all answered “I can”. So then we had to prove that the “proof was in the pudding”! So we went to the activity tables and traced, copied and coloured our names. We are also in the process of making a gift to give to our families at the end of the year.

All of us who attended school today completed ours. You may be able to guess what it is if you look closely at some of our photos!

Downstairs we completed drawing pictures of ourselves which will be pasted into our portfolios. We used a black marker on white paper. Our teachers sat with us and asked us about all the parts we know that make up our bodies. We knew the head and all of the facial features; we knew neck and body as well as arms, legs and fingers. We all have a completely different way of expressing how we think a person looks which our families will all see at the end of the year too. There are so many things to look forward to as we head into the last two weeks of the regular school year. We played with puzzles during free play and had to count the number of objects and then find the matching numerical symbol. Most of us are not sure what the numerical symbols are however we understand number concept and are able to count. We tried to find the piece of puzzle with a number on it that fitted into the matching part that had pictures on it. We spent time sorting the animal counters into their matching cups. There are four colours viz. red, blue, green and yellow. We have blue, yellow and green cups but no red so we improvised with pink ones.

We spent time singing some fun news songs today. We sang one about a monkey swinging in a tree and another one about meeting an elephant and asking him to dance. We sang our “Hello” song as well as “Open them, shut them”; “Five little candles” and “The more we get together”. We love singing and doing actions and are looking forward to singing our special songs for our families when they come to school on the last day of the year for our “end of year party”.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Goh, and Rachel