Where was the sun?

Our morning started off really smoothly while we noticed that there was an amazing phenomenon taking place in the sky. We saw so many people looking up at the sky today and we hope that they don’t have sore necks later in the day. We think that they were looking at the sun because the moon went right in front of the sun this morning and blocked almost all of the light from it. People had funny glasses on too in order to protect their eyes. These things only take place once in a life time, so maybe we will not see it again. At school our day was filled with fun and excitement as we welcomed all of our friends back and we enjoyed making hearts for Tomo’s birthday downstairs. He decorated his crown and Shelley made three candles for him as he is going to be three years old. The rest of us spent time doing puzzles at the tables, practicing our cutting and playing on the mat with some of the toys.

Afterwards, we sat together in a circle and sang some action songs. We tapped our hands on the floor; we stamped our feet on the floor; we nodded our heads; blinked our eyes and clapped our hands. We sang one new song today called “The more we get together”. It is a beautiful song about all of us being friends.

Upstairs, those of us who were not at school on Thursday last week completed their hearts for Tomo too. While we were in the library, we spoke about what we can do and we realized that we can look after books; we can put books away; we can turn the pages carefully etc. So the story that we read was called “Dinosaurs learn to read”. Do you really think that dinosaurs can read? Hmmmmmm                      !

When we were doing our circle time, we did a group figure drawing on a small white board. All of us suggested what Darren should draw as we remember the different body parts that are a part of our body e.g. shoulders, eyes, eyebrows, eye lashes, nose, shoulders, fingers, body, legs etc. We actually drew our own self portraits using mirrors. We looked in the mirrors and saw some of the things that we forgot to draw on our bodies. We also did a new kind of painting called “water colours” where you mix paint with quite a lot of water and it comes out looking different from regular paint.

We forgot to mention that downstairs, Eva was the ‘sempai’ in class. She told Lily how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; she helped her place the coloured discs in their matching shape and she spent a long time during the morning, guiding her with everything that she was doing. Our teachers always say that we learn from everyone; teachers learn from children; children learn from teachers; children learn from children and teachers learn from teachers. It is like a big circle of learning.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Sabine, Goh, Marie and Kana