Mother's Day breakfast

Friday is usually Fitness Friday however day was both Fitness Friday and Mother’s Day breakfast. We have been so looking forward to this special day and as soon as we had completed our morning routine, we sat at the table with our mums. We were so excited because when we arrived at school because there was a long table with a table cloth and napkins in cups etc. It looked so beautiful. We helped our mums and they helped us fill our plates with delicious pancakes, strawberries, blueberries, syrup and apple and orange juice. Yossi’s mum, Chana brought a  homemade “challah” for us to eat as well. We remembered eating the challah a few months ago and it was so delicious. During the breakfast we gave our mums their special Mother’s Day cards and gift and we think that they loved them very much. Saying goodbye at the end of our Mother’s Day breakfast was challenging for some of us. While we love having our mums at school with us we don’t like them to leave. After some tears, we settled down and Shelley also helps us calm down with deep breathing. We looked at books in the library and Shoko brought a wonderful  book to school yesterday, so we listened to one of the stories from it. It was a book from the series called “If you give mouse a cookie” and it had recipes, games and stories in it all about the mouse eating a cookie; the pig eating a pancake etc.

We read the one called “If you give a mouse a cookie”. We also like to eat cookies and milk so we could sort of understand his feelings.

Upstairs our mums were served toast, cheese, blueberry jam, strawberry jam and apple and orange juice. Our mums played with us on the mat, just like they did downstairs and we all sang our “Hello” song together.

Our Kidfit gymnastics was great and we learnt something new today. We are now learning about our bodies; their different parts and how precious our bodies are.

We used new equipment as well which was fun. We first held hands in a circle and walked around; came in to meet one another; moved out again; galloped and walked on our heels. We found a partner and stood together inside a hoop. When we saw pictures of healthy food, we pretended that the hoop was a mouth and we fed it the healthy food; when we saw pictures of unhealthy food, we walked on the edge of the hoop. We then stood inside the hoop, back to back and passed a ball to our friends. The last thing we did with the hoop and the ball was to throw and catch it.

We want thank all of our mums and grandmums for coming to school today and sharing a special time with us all. We want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday; especially all of our teacher’s who are like mother’s to us every day. They love us and care for us and help us and teach us and cook for us and cuddle us and do so many things for us just like our mums do at home.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Sabine, Goh and Kana