Grow Flower Grow

The rains came tumbling down this morning and we had a great time in our gymnastics class. We did the same exercises remembering all of the things that we had learnt about our skin. At the end of the lesson we each received a recipe for Vegetable Soup. Maybe some of our mums can cook the Vegetable Soup for us at home or even a variation on the recipe. Our teachers received an activity sheet for us to make a special protective sun hat in class for when we go out to play in the park during the hot summer months. We did yoga upstairs and remembered how much we loved our classes earlier in the year. We did a few different poses e.g. ‘The Do Nothing Doll’; ‘The Cobra’; ‘The Table’ and ‘The Bridge’. Some of the poses can be quite challenging however we are happy to try them out and surprise ourselves! Earlier in the morning, Isabelle and Beckett spent time decorating the sixth and final large plastic butterfly. They chose different coloured vinyl tape and learnt how to stick one end to the table, pull the other end to whatever length they needed and then cut it. They held the roll with their left hand and cut with their right hand. Noa made her small plastic butterfly to add to her egg, caterpillar, and cocoon picture for her portfolio.

We read “Grow Flower Grow” and looked at the plants in the classroom on the second floor. We noticed that they are growing because they were fed with water and love; and not pizza and ice cream, like in the story. We also read a question and answer book about animals and looked at many different coloured eggs. We noticed that not only do animals hatch from different coloured eggs, but they differ in size too. We played with balloons in the classroom bouncing them on our hand ten times; bouncing them up high ten times; holding them between our feet; lying on our backs and lifting our feet in the air.

Downstairs we had a small class with one teacher for each child. We enjoyed our gymnastics class and then did “The Monkey Dance”; “Hot Potato”; “Where is Thumbkin”; “Shake your sillies out”; “Butterfly” and “Veil”. We love moving our bodies to music and some of us find it a little challenging to stand still and do the movements so we wander around doing the movements in our own special way.

Shoko made a painting for her Coy Nobori which we will finish next week. She saw all the beautiful Coy Nobori hanging in the classroom and really wanted have one of her own. She spent time cutting and pasting as well while Clodia drew on Yossi’s crown in preparation for his birthday. Gento helped decorate the crown too and both he and Clodia spent time cutting strips of paper. We sang our “Hello” song and read some books together on the mat. We send our love and get well wishes to all of our friends and their families who are not well. Please rest.

Love Shelley, Darren, Sabine, Kana and Goh