Curled up in a cocoon!

Today was a really fun day in class and upstairs we did something that made us laugh so much. We have been learning amazing things about eggs and what hatches from an egg in relation specifically to a caterpillar and a butterfly. We made a huge collage depicting the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly and we have dramatized the whole process as well. Today we used huge purple plastic sheets and our teachers and our friends rolled us inside them, just like a caterpillar rolling itself up inside a cocoon. Emily and Isabelle started off like flower girls. They were flowers in their hair and they played on a large green leaf. The flowers came from our “love collage” which was an artwork that we created last semester. Kana read the book “William’s wishing Wellingtons”. In England people call rain boots “Wellington Boots”. William put on his boots and whatever he wished for, was granted to him but…………….he never grew, he kept on shrinking. So he became smaller each time he made a wish. We don’t really want to get smaller, we would much rather get bigger. During our circle time, we sang ‘Ring a ring of roses and did actions to planting a seed. Downstairs we also did the actions to planting a seed and growing which we will tell you about a little later. Now we want to share with you all about our cocoons……..our life size cocoons. We each had a turn to lie down on the floor on a large plastic sheet. Beckett, Jamie and Oliver were wrapped in purple cocoons; Isabelle and Emily were wrapped in green cocoons and Nico was wrapped in an orange one.

We did an interesting science experiment at the activity table. We grew beads in water. We filled a small see through tank with water and dropped in different coloured beads. We could not believe how much they had grown when we returned to our classroom from the park. They had grown five times their original size. Wow!

Downstairs we were tiny little seeds growing in the soil. While we were hiding underneath the dark soil, we felt some water from the rain, feeding us. This helped us grow and we grew and grew into beautiful flowers. Then we held hands with our friends and danced around the room together. The motivation for this was a beautiful story that we read together with our friends and teachers today. It was called “A Surprise Garden”. It was all about some children whose mummy gave them a big selection of seeds to plant in the ground. They never knew what the seeds would grow into, nevertheless they dug holes in the soil; the pushed each seed into the soil, one at a time; they watered the seeds; the put a coloured sticks with each group of seeds so that they same seeds grew in one area and they waited. It was not before long, when little green shoots started to appear and then long stems and some stems had flowers growing on them and then…………

They discovered peas, watermelon, carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and more. They had so much fun collecting the fruit and vegetables. They washed them and their mum helped them make salad for them to eat. Everything was so delicious. We know that vegetables are an important source of nutrition for us.

Love Shelley, Darren, Marie, Goh and Kana