My Hat!

We could not believe how the weather changes so quickly; from one day to the next; from night to morning and even during the day, there can sometimes be sunshine and rain. Today we stayed indoors as it was raining during our outside time. We spent some time playing together on the third floor, as we all happened to be upstairs for Eva’s birthday party. We had a wonderful party with Eva and her mum prepared a beautiful spread of banana muffins with cream and strawberries together with cubes and triangular shaped cheese; apple; strawberries; pita bread; kiwi fruit and pretzels. We loved feasting and if some of us didn’t eat all of our lunch today, you know why!! We want to say a big thank you to Susan for preparing a beautiful party for all of us in celebration of Eva’s second birthday. When you see the title of our BLOG on the website today, you may not understand why it is called “My hat”. Well, when we have a birthday at school, we wear a crown (that our friends make for us) to make us stand out as being different and special. Eva has a really tiny head and her crown kept on falling off. Each time this happened she would say: “My hat!” So this is why Shelley called the BLOG, “My hat”. At the party we all sang our “Hello” song with big voices and then we held up five fingers, even though Eva is only two years old. If we sing our candle song with only two fingers, it is finished so quickly and we really enjoy blowing the candles out. So today we did five candles. We sang “Five little candles”; “Eva is two years old today”; “When you’re happy and you know it”; “Happy Birthday to you”; “Otanjobi Omedetou” and “Everybody clapping”. We love birthdays and always wait to see how our friends will react when they open up their gifts and they see so many heart wishes. Oliver put the crown on Eva’s head and Tokutaro gave her the gift that we all made. Oliver invited all of Eva’s friends to the table so that we could eat together. We turned the lights off and Susan brought the muffins in with two candles twinkling. Eva tried her hardest to blow the candles out however seen had to give some extra puffs to help her.

We did another blowing activity after the party with some colourful plastic eggs. Darren put them on the table and we put our hands behind our backs. When the egg came near to us, we blew as hard as we could so that it didn’t fall off the edge of the table. It was so much fun and also quite tricky.

We welcomed a new little friend to Ohana today. Her name is Lily and the last three letters of her name are all the same as the last three in Emily’s name. She settled so beautiful and played happily with all of us. She fell asleep in Goh san’s arms at the end of the day and then lay down on the pillow for the rest of nap time. Downstairs, we made a picture first with crayons and markers; then we put dot stickers onto a butterfly; we then pasted it onto the original drawings and also selected large and small leaves, to complete the picture. Upstairs we did another layer on our cocoons. Thanks for a great day everyone

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kana