Celebrating Clodia's 2nd birthday

Our time in the park was so wonderful today as we embrace the warmer weather with our bodies and our hearts. We had a beautiful morning celebrating Clodia’s 2nd birthday her mum, Frances and her dad, Blake. Beckett her brother was so happy too and he was the one who invited us all to the snack table at the end of the party to share in the feast. We started off sitting on the carpet singing and talking about some things. Shelley told us that we were going to clap with our finger tips instead of our hands. We thought that this was strange as there is no noise when you tap your finger tips together.  So we tapped our fingers and then we clapped our hands and we noticed that the sound was much louder when we clapped our hands. We counted our fingers and found five fingers on one hand and five on the other hand. In total we have ten fingers. We opened our fingers wide and then closed them. We opened them up wide another time and then crept them along the floor and up our bodies like a spider…….woooo! Then we sang “Open them shut them” and did the actions to the song. We then sang the song one more time and this time we did opposite actions. We laughed a lot especially when we blew a silly kiss at the end. Then we continued singing and sang “Tommy Thumb” and invited Frances and Blake to come and sit with us in our circle. They joined us and we all sang the words of our “Hello” song so clearly, they learnt the words and sang them perfectly.

When we were sitting on the mat, we noticed that Clodia looked just like all of us. Where was her crown? Miya spotted it and gave it to her and Eva gave her the present which we all made for her. We all stood up together and sang “When you’re happy and you know it” doing many different actions. Today we shouted “Happy Birthday” and then we whispered “Happy Birthday”. We all had so much fun and really enjoyed our birthday feast while being serenaded by Blake, Clodia and Beckett’s dad. He played his beautiful banjolele. A banjolele is a combination of a ukulele and a banjo. The sound is really beautiful. He sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star”; “Twist and shout”; “The railroad song” and a few others. We really enjoyed eating our snack while listening to his singing. Our snack today was a beautiful cake that had two long golden candles on it; cheese and crackers; strawberries and grapes and edamame.

We want to say a big thank you to Clodia’s mum and dad for this special celebration with them. “Happy Birthday Clodia”.

Upstairs we looked at the science book on Butterflies. We saw that caterpillars are different colours. We decided to make our own caterpillars with origami paper, markers and scissors. We cut the paper up and glued the pieces onto the second section of our printed leaf pictures. We also have completed our display on how much we have grown since we were babies. Some of our mums could not believe it.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Sabine, Marie and Kana