Gymnastics keeps us fit!

We think that the weather man got the weather report all wrong this morning when he said that it would 19 degrees Celsius. We wore our jackets when we went outside today as the air was much cooler than yesterday. We were nevertheless happy to go to the park and have fun outside. Today was the first official day for our new exercise programme called “KIDFIT”. We were divided into two groups with the second floor class having their lesson at 10am and the third floor class having theirs at 10.30am. Today we learnt about our skin and how important it is to take care of our skin on the inside of our bodies and the outside. We learnt that animals have skin too. Their skin feels different from ours e.g. a lion has a furry skin; an elephant has a dry, rough skin; a crocodile has a bumpy skin etc. We learnt that we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and if we want to eat chocolate or ice cream, we should only have a little. We played with small plastic tennis bats and balanced a ball on the head of the bat; we held a parachute and lifted it above our heads; we moved our bodies and our legs and arms to the music; we rolled on the ground which is something we must do if there is a fire near us; we jumped; kicked the air; balanced on one hand and one foot etc. At the very end of our lesson we lay down and listened to music with the sound of the rain. It made us feel relaxed after exerting our bodies so much.

Downstairs, we had so much fun completing all of our hearts for Eva’s birthday next month. Sabine and Goh san also completed their hearts and now we have completed both Clodia and Eva’s gifts for their birthdays. Our very large painting is now cut up into small pieces so that each of us who worked on it, can have a piece to paste into our Portfolios. Our teachers laminated the pieces as some of the paint work was coming off so they are smooth.

Upstairs we pasted small dot stickers onto our green leaf paintings and some of us pasted our eggs onto the large green group art work. The dot stickers represented eggs. We read stories together in the library and looked at mostly books on nature and animals.

Downstairs our story was all about the ABC. It was a book called “I Spy ABC”. We sang songs about our facial features and what their function is e.g. ‘What is your mouth for x 2, what is your mouth for tell me so; your mouth is for talking x 3, rat a tat tat”. We made our fingers into a tiny circle shape as if they were binoculars and held them up when we read the words “I spy”. We noticed many different things on the pages and could name them. We saw ants with the letter A; balloons with the letter B; candles for the letter C; a dog for the letter D etc. Every day when we Shoko comes to school she asks if we can play the song “Do the monkey”. We all love the song so Shelley put the CD on however we had to wait a long time till the “Do the monkey” song came. When it came we were so happy and danced and sang with huge smiles on our faces. We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer weather and cherry blossoms.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Sabine and Kana