Popcorn Friday

We had a fun time eating popcorn on the last day of the term. We listened to the bag of popcorn in the microwave as it popped and when the bag came out of the oven it was so puffy and huge. When we put it in the oven it was flat, just like a piece of paper. Microwave ovens sure do strange things to bags! During library time upstairs our teachers asked us how the caterpillar became so big, following on from the story we are reading called, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar). We said that he had eaten apples, plums, strawberries, oranges and a whole lot of unhealthy foods too like cake, lollipop etc. The they asked us what we had eaten to make us grow so much bigger since we were babies.

Jamie: Chicken nuggets

Noa: Banana, popcorn

Miya: Carrots, broccoli

Nico: Chocolate, melon

Beckett: Grapes, apples

Oliver: Grapes, spiders

Then they asked us if we knew of anything else that grows and we said that there were lots of things e.g. flowers, sharks, grass, whales, melon, monkey, people, balloons, gorillas, houses and buildings.

We had a baby obstacle course in the classroom and had to crawl like babies through the tunnel and then along the specific lines; and over the floor piano that we love crawling on. We had to crawl as fast as we could through all the obstacles.

Downstairs, we love playing with all the clothes and soft toys focusing on imaginative play. We sometimes wear the clothes and then take out toys on the mat, happily wearing the costume over our clothing and playing. In fact Sophie was in the princess costume until we put our jackets on for outside time. Tokutaro was wearing the princess top and then took it off and helped her put it on as you can see from the one photo. Eva wore the princess crown while she was instructing Gento on how to do the puzzle. Our teachers observed us while we were playing and noticed how both Gento and Eva had a different way of playing with the same toy. Eva tried to teach Gento her way but he just wanted to play the game his way. Shoko was curious about the documentation on the wall about Growth and New Beginnings. There are photos of some of us working on this project and having the discussions that we did over the past few weeks. We will continue working on it when we get back after the spring break and maybe while we are on holiday we will discover new things and bring new thoughts and ideas to our weekly discussion.

We sang our “Hello” song and then read the story called “Too many shells”. It was about a crab who wanted to find a shell to be his home. He was not satisfied until he found a huge one and then he couldn’t get out of it because it was too big. Sometimes things that are small are good enough and fulfill our needs, even if we don’t think so in the beginning.

We completed all the hearts for Gento and Clodia’s birthday gifts and look forward to celebrating with them and their families next term. We want to wish all our teachers, friends and their families a wonderful spring break. We hope that the weather warms up and that soon we will be leaving our bulky jackets at home. Travel safely and have a wonderful break!

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh and Kana