I like me!

We had a busy day today coming back after the weekend and we focused in both classrooms on stories about love and liking oneself. Upstairs we read two stories; one called “David gets in trouble” and the other one was “I like me”. In the first one, David got into trouble because he did things that were not very nice but……………..his mum still loved him. Downstairs we read “I love you because you’re you”. In these two books, others tell us that they love us no matter what; even when we do things that we know we should not do; even when we are angry; even when we are scared; and even when we do not listen. In the book called “I like me”, this one is about a pig and on one of the pages he looks in the mirror and says: “Hey, good looking!” Darren took out a large mirror and we all looked at ourselves in the mirror and said: “Hey, good looking!” It was so funny! We all told him when he asked us if we like ourselves that of course we do. When we were looking in the mirror, we tried to see our friends. We realize that when you look in the mirror, you not only see your own reflection but you can see others reflected in the mirror too; and things reflected in the mirror as well. We observed our friends in detail in the mirror and saw the colour of their clothing; their eyes; what they were wearing etc. We spent time adding things to our individual paintings that we started last week. We used tissue paper, origami, and pictures of many different things. Jamie made two paintings and he gave one of them to Miya as she had not made one that day. This was a beautiful gesture from Jamie and shows how kind he is.

Downstairs we spent time playing beautifully on the mat, sharing toys and helping one another build with the large Lego. It was so quiet while we played and our teachers were happy to see how we were sharing and co-operating with our friends. In our morning circle time we focused on colours and matching. We love the small cars that we play with every day and this was a good way for us to review the colours, match those that are the same and consolidate some of our learning. We sorted them into red, blue, green, yellow, white and orange. We named the colours as we put the cars into their groups. When we sit individually with our teachers, we seem to know some of the colours. We are also trying to learn the names of the colours in many different languages depending on what we speak at home and this sometimes confuses us with the names of the colours in English.

We played a game with the wax sticks in order to encourage us to pinch with our fingers. We squished them into balls and then had to hold both ends and try to unravel them so that they became a snake. We made them into circle shapes and put them on our faces like glasses. Emily and Sophie did a cutting activity. They had some lines to follow however they just enjoyed cutting the paper into little pieces and when they were finished cutting, they had filled a whole small dish up with tiny pieces of pink paper.

We did some drawing at the small table and sang our ‘Hello’ song, action songs and learnt one about fish, birds, kitten and children. We loved it so much we wanted to sing it over and over. We were even singing it in the park.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kana